best couples
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Additional Credits:

Man Love

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O you know it sweet thang!

Now thats a killer couple if i ever did see one.

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Bless there little harts. "About time Casey  gets what she deserve."

you can thank world of warcraft for this hook up.

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Don't worry Bro! know one wants to bang your old lady. "Well mybe i would, but only if she buys me 2 bottles of captain morgan and date rapz me in a black out." (More cushin for pushin, Right!)

Dikes you can't do them.

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but you can't jackoff with out them.  (Fact: These Pinup girls have sold more hand lotion than all the Kardashians combined.)

"AHAHAHA! Just Don't Tell anyone"

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O YEAH! His the backdoor man baby!

its not the money or the fam.

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its that fine white ass!

Thanks Drugs.

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This is who you call if you have an erection that last over 5 hours.