Add to Playlist Dedicated to hand-selecting the cream of the crop, top-shelf, designer jeans-esque screenshots from the friendly iPhone 4S Assistant, Siri. {It's Siri, with Swag}
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Published October 17, 2011

{Siri Swag}

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Siri's comedy career is still in the works... {It's Siri. With Swag.}

{Siri Swag}

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Siri won't get you drugs, but she'll get you help. {It's Siri. With Swag.}

{Siri Swag}

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Siri is a little too smug to be your mistress. {It's Siri. With Swag.}

{Siri Swag}

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Siri is a loyal assistant. {It's Siri. With Swag.}

{Siri Swag}

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Siri has your back, even when your friends don't. {It's Siri. With Swag.}


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