Bill Clinton dishes out another lesson on how to live life to the fullest, so grab your pencils and take notes this time. more »
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"Has anyone told you how Fergalicious you look this evening?"

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"And so I says, Clooney who?"

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"Way to shoot hoops!"

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"You two should start a band and call it, Bono Jovi."

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"Hilary, look! I have a ice cream on my nose. Look, Hilary, look!"

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"Nice view from back here."

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"Did I hear mention of a mile-high club?"

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"Look at us. Two successful men playing golf together."

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"Oh man, I was just thinking about your movie City Slickers."

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"I apologize if the confetti's a bit much."

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"Free shakes for everyone!"

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"I made a wish. Can you guess what it was?"

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"Did I ever tell you about the time I played golf with Michael Jordan?"

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"Seriously, who invited Chevy Chase?"

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"Heh, I thought it was a real frog at first."

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"Holy shit, it's the Neighborhood Trolley!"

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"Reagan, did you just fart?"

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"Sit down. Let me tell you a story."

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"I love sax!"

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"Have either of you ever played golf with Michael Jordan?"

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