This slideshow features photos from a website that showcases cats with poop on them.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
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poop nose

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Fluffy gets some poop on the nose

poop head smile

B21ca31c9c82d6f77233b3cfb3b86d68 original

This cat really needs poop on its face

cute crap kitty

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awww how adorable, a kitty with poo on its head

big dog turd

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this is how its done folks

poop chocolate

Ed1b9a0383d5ffa9f1674bdf6f5bbb67 original

dumb poop cat thinks it’s chocolate

Nick Thielmann

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The official Facebook Fan #1

poop stain cat

C3709a037bf7b93dcf6c67e62aeba42a original

poop stain cat is hanging out

Mr. Hankey and Portal hat Poop cat

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portal hat poop cat and Mr. Hankey make an appearance at the royal wedding

stealth poo cat

9c42de14bc8e9a4587bdf557a8c265c5 original

another sleeping cat stealth poo op

face poo smash

0e1adddc8ed9f22a173d88c1d84457d7 original

nice behind the back face poo smash