Sometimes, you snap a picture at just the right the moment, capturing what will be a memory that will stay with you as you grow old. Sometimes, a naked old man walks in front of your camera.
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Published March 23, 2011

1. At Your Wedding

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2. At Your Random Bikini Cluster

Bad 50 original

3. At Your Best Friends Beach Day

Photobomb that guy a day at the beach original

4. At Your Baggage Claim

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5. At Your Next Wedding

Photobomb that guy love is patient original

6. At Your Dog's Swimming Lesson

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7. At Your Hotel Pool

Photobomb that guy hmmm on the other hand original

8. At Your Third Wedding*

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*Yes, we know that's a woman. But c'mon, you're looking at a slideshow of old naked photobombers. Now's not the time to be picky. (via)

9. At Your Beached Whale Sighting

Victoria%20silvstedt%20photobomb original