Oh boy. Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. Which means that the moment we've all been waiting for is within our grasp. It's the event we spend all year looking forward to. Obviously, we're talking about the Puppy Bowl,... more »

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Key Stat: Once ate an entire turkey sandwich while her owner got up to get an extra napkin. So we know she's hungry. 

Big Red

Key Stat: Is known to break out of his crate the moment his owner leaves the room. You should see him break tackles.


Key Stat: Never blinks. Thus, reads the defense every time. 


Key Stat: Roughs up other pups at the dog park. And that's just preseason. 

5. Charlie

Key Stat: Will sack the other team's quarterback on any given play. That is, assuming that the other team's quarterback looks like his own tail.


Key Stat: Is known to dunk his entire head in his water bowl and look up like nothing weird happened at all.


Key Stat: Takes no prisoners. But does take extra treats.


Key Stat: Can demand to go for a walk and then not pee at all. SHE PLAYS WITH OUR MINDS.

Little Red

Key Stat: Does everything that Big Red does, but on a much cuter scale.


Key stat: Once let a man pet her for eight straight hours. Anyone who knows anything knows that endurance is a virtue at the Puppy Bowl.


Key Stat: Has been credited as the...oh who am I kidding? Look at this guy. He's the MVP of our hearts.


Key Stat: Can hear a noise off in the distance and then proceed to stare in that direction for up to twenty minutes. Nothing gets past Max.


Key Stat: Is everybody's best friend. Not just man's. Obviously a team player, with the intangibles puppy coaches love.