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Hey it's a start so feel free to make these idea your own for whatever you want you have my blessing heroes. ( it's in your hands now ) Side-note am cool with crossovers.
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The Black Light

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Deandre Jones was born and raised in the hood on the streets of Detroit who grow up homeless because her parents Mac Jones and Vivian Johnson Jones where drug dealers that where on drugs so she grow up tough as nails defending for herself most of her life. An well she has the super powers of flying and teleportation that she got when she was lightning on her 18th birthday the same day she finished high school got her first ever modeling contract and her parents where killed when dealing drugs by some local crack heads ( So it was one Hell of day that changed her life forever ). An now a days she fights to stop drug cartels world wide with her powers as a superheroine we call "The Black Light" and her cover up is being a world wide traveling supermodel under her real name. 

Sister Heroine

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Paula Moon Baker was a test tube baby created by the main villain in this story Dr. Dan Roberts a man with a complex who brain washes people to do his bidding from him in life. But back in the day a lesbian couple Marry Moon and Sally Baker wants a daughter so they got one when Dr. Dan Roberts used both their DNA and a new experimental kind of DNA together an impregnated Sally Baker with the mixed sperm load and 9 later out came little Paula Moon Baker with her super powers flying power and later down the road physic powers. So as a baby she was dropped off at a church to be raised by nuns and now as an adult sister heroine Paula Moon Baker as become a holy warrior fight for the lord ways. An so she must take a stand vs Dr. Dan Roberts and all his creations and the brain washed masses. Just trying to do the Lord work so Gods ways can over come mad science. An yes she can be killed just like any of us. But the super powers save her butt a lot of the time when sh*t hits the fan on her a. 

The Blazer

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The Blazer was born Candis Blaze on Dec 16 1985 in Honolulu Hawaii. Where she was born a raised as an only child. She was raised by a single mother named Ally Blaze and she doesn't know who her father is because Miss. Ally Blaze is a floozy lush an doesn't know who the father is a. An so anyways one day when out for a walk after a big fight with her mom about her mom being the way her mom is you know. She went for a walk alone up to see the local volcano to clear her head. But when she went up alone to check out the volcano it erupted and it just about killed her, An when she awakened on the on the local beach she realized she has been turned into a freak with superpowers of fire and super speed from whatever was inside that volcano that hit her that day. So ever since that day she has been The Blazer 24\7 a true loner super-heroine and as for her old life as Candis Blaze it's no more at all because Candis Blaze is presumed dead. An well when her daddy her biological father the king pin of crime Paul King finds out that The Blazer is cleaning up the streets he will do whatever it's take to stop her from doing good in this world. She has no Krytonite but she can be killed just like any human can be killed. 

The D&D Adventures of Angelina Hart

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Angelina Hart has your basic D&D background ( whatever you want ) and her story play out like D&D style ( however you want ) and so the possibilities are ends for the Adventures of Angelina Hart are heroine here a. So dig in D&D fan boys and girls. #GeekOut 

The zombie Princess

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A woman brutally murdered in a shooting massacre at a night club where she was playing music at that night, a massacre that was ordered by the Gambino family the new head family of the mob. The massacre that night that was meet to send a send a message to the people of the city of angels and the whole world over that the mob is back and there taking over everything and now is the message behind the massacres their doing all over the place ever since that night. An so she comes back to life as an undead avenger for her fiancée's, her fans and her for own murder. Cassie Crow is the name and she was the lead singer and guitar player of a 2 person rock band called The Crows Flock that she was in with her fiancee the drummer Jacob Paul at the time of their death. So it's basically it's the Crow but a lot more hardcore and it's a women in this one this time around.  ( You can see what saying so take the ball an run with this ideas my friends it's in your hands now.)