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bush and more. Because it's that BOD for me. (view all on one page you all. PEACE IT!)
Published September 22, 2012 32k views More Info »

Man good thing i didn't forget my bra bros.

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"Hell just wait until you see his G sting ladies };-O "

Hey you bimbo i want to rock your body until the break of dawn baby.

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Hey Hey Hey ladies he wants you too be saying the lords name all night long! if you know what am sayin! "FOR THE LOVE OF God! Please let me get laid on this beach today it's been way to meany years since i have had sex" An that is what HE SAiD!  butt i feel you bro.  

Pull out my pubic hair and punch in me the face doc.

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Talk about your ring boner. ( "By the way that is the only way i can get off nowadays too my man so don't feel bad brozilla." ) HiYO!

The funny thing is his going bald.

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This man right here is proof of evolution existing. For he is the missing link.

Talk about bush league A?

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She has a bush fit for a king. ("Hey people about them nude pics of old Kate here. There very sexy. An just remember where all born naked and we will all die naked. So get over it Royal Family and just be quiet an go back to being rich worthless pieces of sh*t." )

You should see the hair on my ass.

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+ i haven't seen my genitals in years because my damn pubic hair is super ass long right now. Hell it's even dreaded and everything yo. (So CALL ME HiPPiE CHiCKS.)

Hey baby way don't you get me some cheeseburgher soup with some meat balls in it u.

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By Camel toe for men "Thank you thank you very much."  

No no Peggy know you like E.

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O yes in my country the ladies love the hair. An thats why they love the Peggy.

A turely hairy situations.

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Hey Now! How much for a rem job skeletor? "Free if you got some rocks."