We sent our cameras out to catch some of today's hottest celebs eating one of today's three hottest meals (or even a snack). Here's the catch: We told 'em not to come back until they got some real good stuff ... OR ELSE! LOL! Here's what they captured!

Like Chandler says, "Could her mouth BE open any wider?"

Lookin' Grade A, Vince.

Borat? More like, Wore Hat!

The beautiful Kirsten Dunst eats with a friend.

Looks like someone didn't order enough Activia.

Bruce makes everyone else wait while he eats.

Don't ask him if he'd like an Ice T, trust me!

Kirsten Dunst looks as gorgeous as she ever has.

Avril Lavigne may be Canadian, but she sure eats pizza like an American.

Look, it's Hulk Hogan eating something.

Quentin Tarantino has directed many movies.

See if we can get a tighter shot on Kirsten next time.

My mom likes Jay Leno.

What is this even?

Even still, my heart longs for you, film actress Kirsten Dunst.

What? Why are you looking at me like that, Demi Lovato?

What? No Wendy's today, Dave?

I guess if you're rich you can pay anyone to do anything. Boy, that'd be nice.

Oops, I think she sees us.

Shit, are those bodyguards?

Back to the witticisms ... I did it all for the Snooki?

Where is she going? Follow her!!!

Um ... this guy was a chunky kid. Quick, get another shot of Kirsten.

For god's sake, why is Kathryn Heigl always crying about everything?


Damnit, this shit broke bad.

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

You know what? Maybe we should go.

TV's Danny DeVito enjoys a delicious pasta.