We sent our cameras out to catch some of today's hottest celebs eating one of today's three hottest meals (or even a snack). Here's the catch: We told 'em not to come back until they got some real good stuff ... OR ELSE! LOL! Here's what they captured!
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Like Chandler says, "Could her mouth BE open any wider?"

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Lookin' Grade A, Vince.

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Borat? More like, Wore Hat!

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The beautiful Kirsten Dunst eats with a friend.

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Looks like someone didn't order enough Activia.

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Bruce makes everyone else wait while he eats.

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Don't ask him if he'd like an Ice T, trust me!

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Kirsten Dunst looks as gorgeous as she ever has.

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Avril Lavigne may be Canadian, but she sure eats pizza like an American.

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Look, it's Hulk Hogan eating something.

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Quentin Tarantino has directed many movies.

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See if we can get a tighter shot on Kirsten next time.

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My mom likes Jay Leno.

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What is this even?

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Even still, my heart longs for you, film actress Kirsten Dunst.

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What? Why are you looking at me like that, Demi Lovato?

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What? No Wendy's today, Dave?

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I guess if you're rich you can pay anyone to do anything. Boy, that'd be nice.

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Oops, I think she sees us.

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Shit, are those bodyguards?

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Back to the witticisms ... I did it all for the Snooki?

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Where is she going? Follow her!!!

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Um ... this guy was a chunky kid. Quick, get another shot of Kirsten.

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For god's sake, why is Kathryn Heigl always crying about everything?

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Damnit, this shit broke bad.

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Heeeeeere's Johnny!

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You know what? Maybe we should go.

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TV's Danny DeVito enjoys a delicious pasta.

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