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The tribute slideshow you haven't been waiting for. Some of the great insects who died in 2011.
Published December 29, 2011 110 views More Info »
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Published December 29, 2011
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This praying mantis (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This stink bug (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This fly (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This fly. (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This aphid (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This cricket (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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These wasps (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This cicada (b. 1994-d. 2011)

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This mosquito (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This mosquito (b. 2011-d. 2011)

A95f2d27a6106b08f8fda22b51ab4cda original

This ladybug (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This gnat (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This gnat (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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This gnat (b. 2011-d. 2011)

D62d63ba3d4197750209c3c7cb6ddd15 original

This grasshopper (b. 2011-d. 2011)

Db819ff3ac6745b158ed2c78d1661ad8 original

This moth (b. 2011-d. 2011)

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