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its Party Time!
Published January 04, 2012 1.4k views More Info ยป
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Published January 04, 2012

Rollin Phatiez Drinking Beers! Beers! Beers!

52ad4a5e9b605767a67df03929ca303a original

Now where are all the Fluzzies at my brother!


6afba7deb7c9a34c1bbfecbcc20f3eed original

you know its going to be a banging ass party when sarna williams is busting out her big old Things. "Damn baby you just gave me a bonenairel disease Miss. sweet thang"

So tell me what the safe word agian?

012ffc6ff6ec1446eb407d26e3305955 original

"There is no safe words where is guy comes from."

Yo player what you got on my 40oz.

203467d46957be9d478557b49cc874aa original

"Because i needz to get me some of dat sting ray pussy tonight dog."

Lets get it on big boyz.

3731b08eef0271466ffbddf2de18ecdd original

Mamma needs a new pair of Willies. ;-0 you know whats up! & its in your pants Hiyo!

O by the way playerz.

Af9ed7827ca3fa2e845c9a4b35b0ce08 original

Let me hook you up before we bang it out.

Now lets light the sh*t and lets get this sh*t on!

7561d566384113764149bc7754f2f736 original

Like Donkey Kong!

Whats not ducked you can F*ck.

Fb6682b5663dcc2cb1a4a06881c53f29 original

How about a suck?

so ture

3000c299f8282eea05f0521a91d252d2 original

So Get ready Missy.

Abfe4f8cc955f51e77e6cfe9a1734b5c original

For some but F*ckin fun!

Feel free to drink up you all.

746f37caa6deffd96b0350d161be7327 original

Because there ant no party like a Big Jake party because a Big Jake just dont stop!

& you know this MAN!

7101662ed038021ccf8d1d0f742e7d55 original

O! O! O! its magic and you know!

Party on my pepz!

Aed37ed87c0d89e91e46e55e55bebfaa original

Just let me die.

3bf11c5409cfe9999ae01818027321ab original

Aha yes good times, good times.

Fcb978fae1e377ee15aa05ae3357b0f3 original

Dang man my ass feels like it got bucked so hard last night.


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