Check out some of The Refugee Girls®... you won't find these dolls in any stores! written/created by Jena Friedman, graphics by Cara Hawthorne (

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Fallujah Jones

Fallujah Jones is an Iraqi refugee who came to American after escaping a U.S. Military attack on her elementary school playground, a playground believed to be harboring weapons of mass destruction! 

Guadalupe Hidalgo Flores

Guadalupe Hidalgo Flores is an undocumented laborer living in Plano, Texas. She fled to America after a U.S. government subsidized regime change created political unrest in her native country!

Jing Doe

Jing Doe is a Chinese refugee who worked at American Girl's overseas headquarters making parts for other American Girl Dolls!

Kim So Ill

Kim So Ill is a North Korean refugee who enjoys imagining what food tastes like!

La Gloria Portadora the Explorer

La Gloria is the first doll in the Refugee Girl® Bio-Hazard collection!