Give 'em a break, would you?
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Published February 24, 2014

Alec Baldwin

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"I just can't live in New York anymore."

French Stewart

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"People won't give me a break."

Mark "Easy" Truly

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"I can't step outside my apartment without being bombarded."

Lily-May Ramadan (puppeteer)

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"Every night I dream of living unmolested by the media. Turns out dreams don't come true."

Fudd Larchmont

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"I've often thought of hiding out in a cave like Osama bin Laden to escape all the attention."

Al Johnston (pyrotechnics expert) (not pictured)

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"I legally changed my name to Alicia Keys to throw the media off. Unlucky for me, she turned out to also be a celeb."

Madame Toasty

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"I just can't live in Bethesda, Maryland anymore"

Emmanuel Pretzel

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"I've faked my own death dozens of times. One day I'll wise up and do it for real."

CJ Goat-Goat Jr.

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“I work 14 hours a day in a shoe factory as part of an elaborate ruse. In truth, I’m a Hollywood star.”

Alec Baldwin

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"I demanded to appear on this list twice."