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Painting by the killer clown himself.
Published September 03, 2013 140 views More Info »


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This one doesn't look like his art.  But that is him from back in the day anyways.

The Jay man

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Hey Johnny boy Jesus told me your in Hell because your not under the blood bud. 

Charles Manson

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Killer painting dude. 


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Remember the King baby ! 


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Punk Rock changed his Life. 

Park Rangers

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diner time.

His hero

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Funny guy. But not in a good way people. 

2 for 1

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Hang these up in your house and it will keep the bad guys away. Because they know you don't play there f*cking games. 

True iowa Hawkeyes

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The spirit of Waterloo iowa U.S.A ! is alive and well in this painting. 

Not a big Teddy Roosevelt fan !

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That or he thinks of himself as Teddy. 

Sons of Anarchy

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Before sons of Anarchy. 

Self-Portrait (now a days )

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Death is his lover. Good thing this sick rapist of a killer ass done be dead now, or so we think!

how sweet

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An then he killed them all by f*cking them to death. 

Bloody Hell

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The DNA test says you are the father ! 

O no ! he didn't !

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Lucky for me he dead. 

Cool lee o bro.

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No you will not !  Burn in Hell nut case.