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She was body slamming back in the 1990's.

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"Don't mix pain killers and shots." RiP


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Coke is one HELL of a drug ! #LetsDoSomelines


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Get Loose.

i like huffing gas !

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Looks like she is ready for ding dongs.

Chyna is always open

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Cum in the back door };-)


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"Like let me shoot up and then well go gets some shots !"

Hey if you can't remember it must have been fun as hell !

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You have to be drunk to star in 2 Sharknado movies. Really you have to be drunk to star in any more that Jake Stetar comes up with the idea for don't you know.

F*cking PUNK ROCK !

81426fdb2871bdcd818e79f64d3ddb8b width 600x

O Snap Like Whatever i do what i want buddy ! Um K CapEm !

LSD is far out

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Like i can feel where this wood is coming from man ! Or wait this is sign language for put your wood in my mouth right ! right ! right !

Keep Drinking them mixed drinks honey

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After a few mixed drinks all tits start looking like these things. #FAKE

Was it good for you ?

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Smoke em if you got em good buddy ! #F*CKiT

The Champagne Room

C65af08e48ea97e6d956015f55440758 width 600x

Drugs + Cash flow = P*ssy Juice flowing };-)

Partying down is the SH*T !

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Her GF is on her period.

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Bloody good time mates. #PMS


C896d977aa457c6620ed877d8feeab5b width 600x

it's magic!

O that Kathy Griffin

950ec675f2d33fb6b84714104184870b width 600x

That little cougar is one wild cat buddies !

Sunny Sunny

Bc9566c2ba071254b3dd3b15712483b4 width 600x

A it's always Sunny inside Sunny Sunny. YOU Get iT !

Casey Anthony

44ee6f163cd9929f0b96517c62910984 width 600x

She is one killer chick E !

Dumb as rocks

61e1f6ad8cba14f83594540492cd74fc width 600x

Now gets your rocks baby !

The Nut Case

Da120b528fd2367e6d4ba2f87c788dfd width 600x

Nut cases all bust these nuts if you know what am sayin ! hiyo !

Crack + Smack = Speed Ballin !

0d7dcb238dea1ab14da955e158899dcc width 600x

Smoke crack all day long smoking crack when in sing this song. Well am off to do drugs now.


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