Not God the Father but yo Daddy! Thank God for hooking it up bud. ( View all at one to see my little rants yo.) For the Fathers out there dudes.
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My Daddy showed me how to kick ass!

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So lets rock! Because it's fathers day you all ! ALL DAY. 

Here is an idea for you kids.

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Take your dad out on a fishing trip to that lake next to the local whore house. Because it's ok to look. Because your dad is not dead yet my peeps. 

Watch re-runs of the office with him.

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An act like you never seen it before so he can feel young again. 

Smoke some weed with him.

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An it better be your own weed that your smoking with him this time. Not his weed bud. Because how meany times does he have to tell you stop smoking his weed for the love of God ! 

Golf is always fun.

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Let him drive  the Golf Cart this time so you flip it on him like last time. An don't show up to Golf drunk. Just get drunk with your dad and playing some Golf. An also make sure you let him win for once. 

Just Stay out of his way and let him watch the game.

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Well i better cut the grass and leave the house for a few days for my Dad this year. Now if only i could get a job. 

Don't Drink all the Milk.

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Because you know how your dads likes milk in his cup of coffee. An don't tell mom for the love of God ! 

Remember Dad is the King Baby!

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Now get him a peanut butter and banana sandwich with some metal balls on babby ! 

Happy Fathers DAY!

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Not another kid ! Am i rights dads or am i so right ! F*CKiNG kids these days a. 

Well at least you tried Dads.

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An this is why they make abortion clinics.  "We should have of abort these junkies right dads !" O well Make it rain so old dad can get his rocks off on fathers day. PEACE ONE LOVE. An Happy Father Day Dads.