"I decided social media was becoming an unwanted large part of my life. So, for a day, I decided to not use it. You won't believe what happened."

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January 29, 2016

Look, see that millennial sitting on the couch, scrolling through Twitter retweets and Facebook likes? Well, that's me (or at least the digitized version of myself) and I just decided I'm going to put the ole smartphone down for a day to take a break from social media.

As soon as I "unplugged," I started thinking about all the activities I could do, now that I was unchained from the jail that is social media. 

I decided, "Before my life was engulfed by comments and favorites,  I used to like to draw." So I went back to a hobby long forgotten, put on the back shelf by the digital me.

I forgot how good I was. These are some good drawings, for a millennial. 

I don't think any millennial could have predicted what was about to happened next...

My drawings came to life!

Art encompassed me as I felt the instant gratification, something us millennials need, for actually living life! I then thought "What to do next." I had already become God in such a short period of time since turning down the demon of Virtual Communications. Creating life felt amazing, so naturally, I went on to do more things that could simulate the feeling of being an almighty force...

So I smoked crack out of a Dr. Pepper can with Puffin and Mr. Seal.

Good stuff. This is living life. Take note, Generation Z. 

Without the restriction of 140 characters, I was INVINCIBLE! Until the cops showed up.

I'm the King.

Sometimes I fear us millennial's are too caught up on our digital lives that we often forget to live real life. I think this experiment proved that we, especially millennials, are all better off without social media at times. If nothing else, what I personally learned from the experience, the life outlook it gave me, is that crack is fucking great.