Stroker and Hoop

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ALL-NEW on Adult Swim. 

Barb Wire

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Barb Wire the cartoon.  Now that would be cool mates. 

Mystery Science Theater 3000

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ALL-NEW with a New Host on Comedy Central. 

The Tundercats & The Masters of the Universe

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Now that would be sweet ! 

Rocko's Modern Life

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ALL-NEW on Nick. 

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

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ALL-NEW weeknights on Adult Swim. 

Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party

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ALL-NEW on Spike T.V. 

Mission Hill

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ALL-NEW on Adult Swim 

Welcome to Hell

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Hellblazer & Hellboy team up in this all new show. 

Glogal Force Wrestling

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Global Force Pro Wrestling on Saturday Nights on TBS. 

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker

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The ALL-NEW cartoon. With Kevin Farley doing the voice of Matt Foley. 


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This old show on adult swim toonami. 


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N.W.A. ALL-STARS is a ALL-NEW N.W.A pro wrestling t.v show. 


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The Cartoon. 


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Manos The Hands of Fate

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A new horror t.v. show losely based off the Manos the hands of Fate movies. 

Bounty Killer

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The T.V SHOW ! 

The Jimbo Franklin Show

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Staring Me. 

The Jake and Willie

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ALL-NEW sketch comedy. 

The Kilborn File

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Weeknights 10:30pm - 11pm on FOX. 

Liquor Man

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Live Action. 


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The cartoon. 

Beer 30

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A new comedy about dudes living for the weekends. An looking for action ;-) 

The Little Mermaid

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The ALL-NEW t.v show. 

Arrive Alive

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Mickey Crews is a drunk ass low life bum. An he is a Dick you know a independent house detective. Who is living in a run down hotel back in the 90's out here in LA. He gets involved in a investigating all kinds of things from week to week from death \ kidnappings \  Robberies and all kinds of other crazy stuff that people hire him on to investigate for them. Micky Crews is a former champion boxer who has a romance going with a woman named Jayme LoveJoy and yes old Jayme Lovejoy is a Hooker. An she is also Micky's right hand women in cracking these cases from week to week in this ALL-NEW show called Arrrive Alive only on iON t.v. Wednesdays at 9pm.