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11 Questions You Have Been Dying To Know The Answers To
Published November 12, 2013 500 views More Info ยป
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Published November 12, 2013

Where the hell was kale like 3 years ago?

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Wish it had stayed there.

Has anyone ever met a grocery store cashier who cared to hear the response to their question of, "Did you find everything okay today?"

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They should stop asking.

Do cat people realize that when they claim their cats are 'so cool' the only response to "why are your cats so cool?" is "because they act like dogs"?

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Become a dog person. Makes more sense.

If anal sex wasn't supposed to happen, then why do humans have buttholes?

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Don't worry, just a picture of the bottom of a pumpkin that looks like a cute little human butthole.

Do they make WNBA jerseys in men sizes?

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Customizable?! Nice.

If so, why?

08d125288a84946510028da77d0cea74 original

Is taking a group photo or selfie and posting it to Facebook a part of every Crossfit workout?

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Flip tires.

Has anyone ever thanked anyone for telling them about the dream they had?

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It's suggested that dreams never be retold.

If a racist person isn't racist to a specific race, is he then being racist?

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The racist's dilemma.

Can Apple please stop making the boxes that their products come in so nice so I can start throwing them away?

D86d9c9373f2cd39befd3eb22aa7409f original


Do people who claim they have the 'best friends in the world!!' on Facebook in response to their leaving birthday wishes know it's very unlikely they have the best friends in the world?

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Feeling blessed.


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