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Alright animals, no need to mug for the camera. Showoffs.
Published March 11, 2011 350k views Immortal More Info ยป

1. Kangaroos don't get this sexy by accident

3973 funny%20kangaroo original

2. For the Christmas Card

1167371 original

3. Oh, you have a camera? I didn't even notice.

Funny,animal,dog,pose,animals,photography f14baa49b6ea3d10d226ccb7c3d2d9df h original

4. Oh sure, you just HAPPENED to come from the salon

Hotcow original

5. Don't be fooled by the shyness.

Look at this dog of the day your daily dose of original

6. You'd think a human dressed him. You'd be wrong.

Tumblr lhfj5vottf1qc1sduo1 500 original

7. Who do you think assembled this photo op?

Tumblr lg328avnc91qzr2smo1 500 original

8. To the right a little bit. No no. My right. Your left.

Tumblr lfsr7o42si1qcmg5k original

9. This is not the cat you're looking for

Pj1ek original

10. Stop smiling. This is supposed to be a dramatic shot.

Deez%20my%20teuf original

11. Hi I'm here for the 'sad giraffes looking at sky people' shoot

Dontwathmedancin original

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