It's true! Two of the music industry's most surprisingly successful singer-songwriters are tying the knot! They have a lot of planning to do, but more importantly, what's on their registry? The answer? So much cool stuff!

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August 22, 2012

Hot Topic

Avril's known for her alternative, devil-may-care style and I couldn't think of a better gift for the rocker than 24/7 access to YOLO trucker hats, Nightmare Before Christmas headphones, and ironic Wu-Tang Clan toe socks.

Hair Bleach

There's nothing cuter than two natural brunettes rolling their eyes at Mother Nature, armed with a bottle of Feria Golden Sunset. 

Guitar/Stool Sets

Every serious musician knows that a song comes to you when you're kicking back on a stool, squeezing your eyes shut, and softly smiling. So, Avril and the dude from Nickelback are smart to want to fill their home with stools and acoustic guitars in every nook and cranny of their million dollar home(s). Maybe their next chart busting album will be written in a coat closet or a pantry! 

Criterion Collection Collector Sets

Who knew? 

Millions of Condoms

There's no reason to ruin those perfect bods with kids. 

Skull Dinnerware

Nothing says "rock and roll sit down dinner"  like skull themed plates, cups and flatware. Perfect for hard-core casserole. 

Military Inspired Sleep Hats

  Just because you're sleeping with the person of your dreams doesn't mean you can't look like a kick ass rocker too! Buy them a couple of these for their nuptials and help the pair live in a land of rock star delusion even in their sleep. 

The Internet

With 10 years between them, there's going to be a lot of questions like "Who is ALF?" and "What is a twihard?" By giving them the Internet, they can answer their own questions with a simple click of the mouse. They would have had the Internet before, but they were really busy selling millions of records no one listens to.