Dudes & chicks people should not be dating.
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Chalie Sheen.

Charlie sheen march8 main original

Yeah he like them young porno star junkies that are soul-less and hartless. So yeah ! 

The Shamwow guy.

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Yeah am thinking getting beat up hookers makes me think his not the one to take home to meet the parents. An if your a hooker he never pays out. So heads up hookers. 

Harry Johnson

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His Freaky but not in a good you all. "You know you Like e" 

Dick Stroker "The Stocker"

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That one weirdo you work with that is always staring at you when your trying to work. NO GO BRO !

The Dang baby! guy

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He will f*ck your sisters and mom all at the time when your taking a bath.   

The Flash

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AKA Captain Premature Ejaculation ! "He c*ms faster than anyone on earth." 

Mr. Jacob Paul Stetar

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Am fat, am ruthless and toothless, am broke as a joke, i have a little dick and i live with my parents without a job. So back up off me ladies ! "Thank God for hookers and drugs." 

Who ever this dude is players.

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O wait thats not a dude that is lady Gaga. #LetsGetFreaky #Butf*ckes ( i would do her o ! ) 

The Jay

The%20jay%20man%20 original

He loves you but not in that way you sick o ! 

Lindsay Lohan

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Can't f*ck in rehab. Trust me i been there a bunch of times. Ture story.