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Published July 22, 2014 19k views More Info ยป

A they call them sweatpants because am sweatin dat ass boo !

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Am going to ride dat ass like a f in drunk guy in a toy store riding on bouncy bouncy toy you dig !

Look at that ripe watermelon

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i would so take a bite out of that ass big cats !

Big Things come in small packages. ( Also a dick joke in their if you think about it )

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Nothing small about that back yard. Hell i could play in that yard all day yo !

Ain't nuttin butt a G sting baby !

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When booty call you cum hard. An that is just a fact of life son.

That Trunk is straight up from the 1950 if you what am sayin honky

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When she gets in the sack a earthquake will be shaking my man.

Crack kills

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Because i will kill everyone to get up in that ass tonight darlin !

Big old butts drive me nuts !

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She has so much ass that you get lost in it just looking at that dumper dude.

Tight little white girl ass

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Hell dogs i'll give the old college try ;-)

All natural booty

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She must able to move them hips damn good with an ass like that dudes ! An you f in know it bro !

An now we watch you shower

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So this is what happens when hot chicks are home alone a, well that is f in sweet !

The good old Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

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But hey the more circulation phat ass bitches cut off the easier they get players. True Story


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Hell this bitch is so hot i would drink shots out her b-hole buddy ! Hey don't judge me ! Because am just a man !

Dingleberry is calling

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But some stank on it boo !

Sucking you right in like a tractor beam.

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Dat ass is so phat it has it own orbit yo !

Look it's a full moon tonight players

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Look At that tight white ass on her son ! Yo dog i hear tight asses are cheap dates if you know what am sayin bro !

F in A right home E G

I6cwfvmcrrwn8jul4wfn ass so phat i wanna bite dem cheeks thumb

Some good eats !


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