The Hot ASS Chicks of wrestling. The 6 pack of sexy. (view all on one page.)
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#6 Brittany Force

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An O yes my friends the "force" is very strong with this one i tell you };-) yah dig! Because this independent woman is f*ckin HARDCORE!

#5 Maria

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"The Queen Bunny of ROH Pro Wrestling"  

#4 Becky Bayless

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Old Becky "Buck Wild" Bayless will f*ck you up 6 ways until sunday on anyday of the week. "An in my case that would be a good thing."  (So TNA or ROH hook this PHAT ASS of an independent woman up with a full-time contract already sucka's!.)

#3 Daffney Ungar

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So if your anything like me your really into the dark sick and twisted Scarychicks like me an your into them big time baby. So get ready for her to open up your pandora's box for you will never be the same agian! "She likes it when you dress like the joker boys and girls."

#2 Angelina Love

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Talk about your TNA right there you all! WOOO! SHE iS SO FiNE!

#1 Taeler Hendrix

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Don't get me started on the sexiest woman of all time people because this fine lady of top class and smarts is my dream woman an will always be, so i'll just leave it at this an say this super dumbass line an thats this. "Red is my favorit!"