Typically Anthropologie is the only store I can stomach having to accompany my girlfriend in. And it's because of the great couch. HOWEVER, something was different this time... in the span of 15 minutes, this is what I captured

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August 04, 2014

Reason # 1

Tweeting: For the record, this isn't my purse. This cement isn't as comfy as a couch. #thingsmendoforlove

Reason #2

Reason #3

Texting: Bro, I can't believe you got stuck having to go to the opera today. WEAK! I tell my wife who's the boss. Sitting at home watching the game.

Reason #4

Searching the internet: "How to hang myself without rope"

Reason #5

Candy Crush.

Reason #6

Texting: Bill, I thought you said there were couches at Anthropolgie. All I can find is a bench...

Reason #7

Thinking: Maybe if I sit close to the stairs, someone will have pity for me and at least give me a polite smile.

Reason #8

Googling: Does Anthropolgie sell beds? 

Reason #9

Tweeting: "Let's have a picnic," she said. "Wear a backpack," she said. "And a hat, it may be sunny."

Reason #10

Reason #11

Facebook status update: "I'm too well-groomed to be wasting my day sitting in Anthro."

Reason #12 & 13