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Dreams really do cum true when there wet ones HiYo! (view all on one page to see full rants.) My top 10 ladies of all times.
Published December 28, 2012 8.6k views More Info »

#10 The Queen Bee Madison Ryan

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She is a T.N.A wrestler and you see this little ladie right here has all the T.N.A you can handle bros and then some dudes and you know it mo fo!. O! O! O! She is SO FiNE!  WOOO!

#9 Katarina "Miss Winter" Waters

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She is very scary to me but i always do my best work when am so like totally scared out of my f in mind. You know what am say baby! Because i get her done good buddy! ( An 9 times out 10 she will the gets squirts before i do if you dig what am sayin players!) 

#8 Kelly Kelly

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Get me some rubbers, a bottle of wiskey and some boner pills because that is about the only way that a guy like me could keep up with a super sexy ladies like Kelly Kelly in the old sac. "Because if i went all natural with some sex with this phat ass honey i would bust a heavy load in about 5 seconds flat and would be a Daddy" 

#7 Casey Anthony

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And you can thank that lost memory to my friends Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. "An lucky for her i gots the wiskey d*ck tonight my killer babe." 

#6 Octomom

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Because if i can get that lose a*s p*ssy of her's off with my little pee wee then i will know that i am a real man of men. "+ i watched that porn with her rubbing one out and i must say not bad at all for having  15 kids." 

#5 Natalie Portman

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Will for starters she is very smart, sexy and fixable. An h*ll mybe even some of her grate acting skills could rub off on me because i  need me some of that and bad. An am not just talking about acting skills my friends. Natalie Portman a true 10 and then some all the way around. 

#4 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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O lord e she is so God D*MN SEXY! She could give a ghost a boner. ( P.S She needs to be in some new movies and soon because i needs me my J.L.H mother f*ckers. So for the love of God just give her some work already!.) ANYTHiNG! ANYTHiNG AT ALL!

#3 Taylor Swift

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All Swifty needs in me up all in that sh*t all night long because am about to show her how you play from deep down in your soul that it bleeds out your hart. So if you think she makes some good tunes now people just wait until she is done with me my friends. ( Sidenote: She really became slutty fast.) 

#2 Jenny Mccarthy

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The more wild and loud the better in my book. + i need to scratch off at least one thing on my old bucket list here before i die alone and broke like i am right now. "Alone and Broke."

#1 Emma Watson

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Only because i have the feeling as if my dear Watson here has the all time tightest p*ssy of all times by far and away for the fact is Emma is a golden god. ( and yes am talking both ways when i say tightest.) "Must go clean myself off now um k you all." SO PEACE it!  ONE LOVE ONE LiFE  Da Bullfrog