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So much dog. So little gravity.
Published November 19, 2010 39k views More Info »
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Published November 19, 2010

Anti-Fences Dog

Picture 8 original


That's Some F--ked Up Sh-t Dog

Flying dog original


With Sidekick Dog

Floating dogs original

(technically counts as two dogs)

Breaking out the Box Dog

Box original


Shadow Dog

131709814 9261872891 original


Sitting Dog

Picture 6 original


F--k the Grass Dog

Picture 3 original


Tennis Ball Dog

Ball original


Frisbee Dog

Gravity defying original


Sitting in the Clouds Dog

Picture 5 original


Hover Dogs

Picture 9 original

(Again, two)

Skyline Dog

Picture 7 original


The Seatbelt Sign is Illuminated Dog

Floating dog original


Gravity Face Dog

Snow original


Tree Dog

Tree original


Wall Dog

Wall original


Escaping From His Owner Dog

Flying original


Chasing Horizons Dog

Picture 1 original


Coming At You Dog

Picture 3 original



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