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I just want to shake the hand of the guy making these signs. He might be a genius. He also may be the most oblivious human being alive. Let's hope for the latter.
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1. Erin Brockovich's Less Notable Achievement

Sign36 original


2. This Vampire Trend is Getting Out of Hand

500x vampires original

3. That's F--ked Up, Paul Hogan

Spy kids theater marquee original


4. That's F--ked Up, Paul Hogan's Mexican Equivalent

4827 2414 naughty movie marquee original


5. Pornos Aren't Even Trying Anymore

Dark knight marquee fail 20091111 1023024295 original


6. Funny, but it's not like someone else fell for this...

Nancy drew in porn original


7. Oh

Ocala marq original


8. Oh, Shrek

Priatesknockedupshrek original


9. Oh Come On

Harry potter knocked up evan almighty original


10. This is Definitely the Best. Maybe.

Fail owned marquee original


12. So these "Spy" Kids are Just a Bunch of Sluts, Right?

Spykidsblowpokemonmoviesign original


12. 2012, Indeed

Enhanced buzz 14793 1282595660 27 original


13. Sorry, Jesse Spano. It's Your Time

Enhanced buzz 14801 1282595574 17 original



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