Prevert time. (view all at once to see the dirty rants.) old pics and very dirty jokes. Creepers unit U-Night.
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Drug use can fun from time to time my lord.

Annacaveman original

"As long as you have money you will always be f*cking made honey's bro! And you so f in you know it BiG G Money."  Clean the pipes, rap it up tight before hand and bush your teeth afterward when playing with loose slopy lips boys." Hey 2013 the year of virus.   

Every Weekend.

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The Cougars just go wild as hell come 80's nights, so get you mojo riding. Because where talking about the girls night!  "Just Keep her drunk home E G and she will suck you off 6 ways to sunday a." (Braking the Law!) with the nip slip. (Sorry FOD) 

Son of the Beach them titties ain't retarded son. AHAHA Sh*t!

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She can show me her wrestling moves anytime yeah dig ];-{O= Muff Riders! Ride untill i die mother f*ckers! No limte ( Well no limte as long as i take my boner pills on a wiskey d*ck you know what am talking about there ladies. Butt play is a ok both ways Miss. Kelly Kelly so call me um K! 

O look out that wildman Tiger Woods is back at it again white ladies.

177 original

He really knows how to pick up them white chicks there honey pie. An i have a feeling this little lady here works at a Applebees and goes by the name Anita. An hey babe i Anita BEER b*tch! Hiyo!

This is what you get for going on cruise ship.

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"But lucky for me i just love  jackin off to sh*t like this all the f in time fo sho my dear sweet thing." An yes am a Jagoff. 

The Dugan Master

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An no am not talking about D&D nerds! For this here sexual devation of love is no game but i does take place in my parents basement. Where talking whips, chanis, fire, wax, dildos, electricity and waterbording. The only things that get me off anymore. So cum on by anytime big sexy ;-)  "There are no safe words in the dugan." 

All we need are some coke lines and Jose boys.

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An she will be sucking d*cks like flys on sh*t dudes so line up bros. An it's true o it's d*mn ture honey. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself out there peeps.

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Like what ever because i so don't care. Snap it to a you best reckon because i'll do what i want   f*ckers. "Before i die i need to have sex with Skeletor because am a beastman ;-) hiyo! No i mean Ann Coulter the bad guy O so badly like you don't even no!." 

She just loves it over here at my place.

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Hell am having so much fun right now i might just go an vote Republican cum 2016 my freaks of the week. Don't go calling the cops on me now you hear big dogs. 

i don't only love cutting myself but i'll also cut you deep sweetness.

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So if your looking to get super freaky when eve you know where to find my monkey ass b*tch. Well since i have been such a bad little boy it's back to my whipings. So i'll be seeing you in the dugan my soulmates. O it feels so good to die HAHAHA! kiss E