Lets play a game of did you know? FUN FACT TiME! ( view all on one page.)
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No Sleep tonight.

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Death he comes for us all. Ture Story.

An this is why there are so meany stockers out there.

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Next time you better be naked when i come over b*tch! Now go on and take that shower you where about to take sweet thing.

i have no hair. "unless pubic hair counts"

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An people with bigger d*cks have more seamen in there sacks, it's just science ladies.

Let me have a lick at that sweethart.

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O yeah it works every time ladies };-O. You know what am talking about ! DOWN LOW !

Am moving to Hong Kong right guys!

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You know how i like it ruff sweetcheeks so lets do her up sexy.

This will make you feel better.

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FACT: Salt it's good for the hart.

An this is where the name runway modle came from

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Well at least it's faster then putting your finger down your throat. + you don't want to puke on all them d*cks your going to be sucking. Because you got used to puking your guts out when things go down your throat, if your going to make it the top in the modle world you know. Just because am into chicks puking on my d*ck doesn't mean everyone is you dig.

The Brush of Death.

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This is the end my only friend the end.