There not gay but they do look it. Top 10 looks
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Published March 26, 2012

#10 The Hot tonight look

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Randy is so F in hot tonight his on mo fo in Fire! DOGZ!

#9 The Workin Metro

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WORK iT! He doesn't whistle at the ladies walking by, because they whistle at him ;-)

#8 To Kool for Skool

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Now if only he had friends to talk with at this party.

#7 Mr. i Don't Care

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Yo bud just a heads up but that little get up you got on there isn't going to fly in W.V. "Just ask Andy Dick about what happen to him on his trip to the DUB V."

#6 Boyz Night

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As always: "Lets blow this sausage party and go drink wine at my place and watch the sun rise together BRO!"  

#5 She's just pissy beacause i look better.

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He holds the world's recorded for most hours in the bath room. (O i MAKE THiS LOOK GOOD BiTCH!)

#4 Mr. Mama's Boy

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"i just love to get into my mother's things when she is at work."

#3 Man of the house

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i best clean up before my soapz come on you all!

#2 The Dirty Dog

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Mix it up big boy!

#1 The Big Sexy

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i will never understand how David Otunga is not gay or even Bi for that matter.