When some people are hungry, S*** gets very real
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Published December 30, 2011

This Is David, And He's Got a Problem

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when most people get hungry they simply go to the nearest kitchen to grab a bag of chips or rob the nearest guy selling fruit if your a 17th century english orphan. But When this guy gets hungry he kind of eats things that would make the manliest of competitive food eaters feel like a walking pussy. Why he has this godzilla-ish hunger problem is one of the worlds greatest mysteries (maybe he's Hungarian.) But let's have a little fun and see what he eats when that stomach starts a growlin. When David Is starving he will eat. . .

His Feelings

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A Arm

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A Ladies Arm

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Pure Pain

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The Spirit Of Christmas

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Forks Washington and The Cullen Family

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An Apple

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An Orange

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The Tree Of Life

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Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy When They Were Still Alive

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A Dog A.K.A The Reincarnation Of Hachiko

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The 16th President

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And The 46th President?

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It Could Happen tommorow. . .

But Then. . .

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He Makes Himself Sick And Throws Up

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It's not pretty -_-

And Reflects On All His Drugs and Bad Decisions

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Don't worry, the cycle will start all over again @DavidAyalasOk


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