Double bangin and a half(view all on one page.)
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Them titties ain't retarded!

Sarah palin 5 original

"O i would work her over this b*tchso f*ckinhard baby like you don't even know bro!" O SO HARD!

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Soy Milk does the body good.

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"An so do i ladies };-) " But yeah soy and drinking beer grow the tits ladies so get on that for me um k.

O them big girls have gotz to be real!

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Man dogzmy f inback hurts just looking at them big old things. "Word to your mother don't ever titty f*ck this b*tch because you will lose your d*ck and balls in them puppies." Trust me on that one yo.

The Bro

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Striping ain't easy playerz! "AHA yes mydudesyou havegot to love them ninfomana b*tches and you know this man."

Here is one you all you sports junkies out there.

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"Some one quick get my cell phone so i can text my junk to this b*tch stat!" "O yes i love it when a super hot ass chick e knows her sports." Talk about a double hard on and a half baby!"

O yes my friends some times it's good to be Muslim.

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"Am about to go all outJihad up in dat ass tonight all nightfo sho bros!" Warriors.

Slap dat phat a*s and ride them wild a*s waves jr!

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Hey yo we betalkin about sometons and tonsof fun if you dig what am sayin? Am i right guys or am i so right bros!

Who wants a piece

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"O hiyoi want more than just a piece of that super sweetphat ass because old dad wants the whole d*mn thing baby." YAH DiG!

O SH*T i just busted!

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But it's ok ladies because the old bullfrog here has a few more rounds in me sweet cheeks.

Finish me off coach now god d*mn it!

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Because it's been a long hard dayof being chubby. ladies ;-) you knowwhats goodand o yesam looking for round 2.

An remeber you all if you can't duck it f*ck it yo.

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"An there is going to be a whole lot of f*cking going down by the looks of it son."

Wrestling does the body good.

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"She can milk me anytime and you know it bro!"

Hi Five!

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P.S Yes it's the facts of life.

Annacaveman original

An all it cost is a few crack rocks or a little H. 100$ for but play just so you know big kats. like i said am out like a boner in sweatpants on a hot summers day swiming in a creek.

Back to looking a porn

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Gone Fishing

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Now where in the hell did i put my beer at god dang it son!

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