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Double bangin and a half half shell titty power !
Published December 15, 2012 8.2k views More Info »

Them titties ain't retarded ! HiYO !

Sarah palin 5 original

The dumber they cum ;-) 

Soy Milk realy does do the body good };-{O

18113 original

Who needs breast implants when you can drink soy milk to grow them things my ladies. 


211 original

With them babies she could of survived the titanic my friends. An you know this man ! 

The Bro

192 original

This bra reminds her of her step daddy. #GoodTimes

Foot on my balls

0838a6f81074f97b1bbf40204c17093d original

"Some one quick give me your cell phone so i can text my junk to this chick E."


0e96ac224e8ff1ac4126553c1af4ef71 original

Here in America it's a OK to show skin my middle eastern peeps. 

Loads of fun

D77bb455a5231057e5bcb6a118c73589 original

Just another day kicking it with R Kelly. 

Lets get this on tape

Fb6682b5663dcc2cb1a4a06881c53f29 original

Like my mom always says "if you can't duck it f*ck it !" 

it's real to me damn it !

8f79459c9f0ca86e81c64a3b00375fa9 original

Talk about a bodyslam you dig ;-() 

Team Player

195a8e8e9e52158ecbfdf4e8e195e7b0 original

I got 5 inch bat you can play with if you know what am sayin ! 


1edf701a85374dce05969ae115a6bc1f original

Hey we all wax off '-) so sure way not make a living doing it on web cam. 

Gone Fishing for poonanai

1334 original

Yep it's a saying as old as time that i live by and that saying is . "A if it smells like trout you eat it out players." 


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Al Bundy's kind of lady. 

Key party B-DAY party !

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Orgies there all fun and games until someone loses and eye. 

She's Got Game

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She can smack my balls around any time lover because am always game honey. 

The Succubus

52ftqqxurrsvrfoke1vw annacaveman original

or an old rich person but she dead ! 

PMS it taste bloody good mates ;-)

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This doesn't count as necrophilia right am i right or am i right ! 

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