I can feel that some of your began to feel breathlessness. However, Lasse Matberg, the lieutenant in the Norwegian navy leave women breathless with his look.

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January 21, 2017

His name is Lasse Matberg, however, we are going to call him Viking from now on.

He is 30 years old.

He is the lieutenant in the Norwegian navy.

We couldn't decide whether he is handsome or beautiful however it is obvious that he is on the agenda with whatever the right adjective is.

With the bun, he does with his long blonde hairs,

and perfect beard,

It is a fact that he let women's eyes are out on stalks.

There is no doubt that God is his friend at court.

You hope that such a beautiful man may have a defect such as he may be short but nope, nope, nope!

He is 1.98 m in length.

He is also generous enough to share this beauty with the world with his photos he uploads to his social media accounts.

Right now he has 224 thousand followers on Instagram and this figure keeps increasing every passing second.

The comments on his photos are filled with marriage proposals made to him.

Even some of the women can not hold themselves and tell him that they want to be pregnant from him.

Most of his followers believe that he came to the world as a gift from God to all women.

Ladies, let us announce that this handsome is SINGLE!

For those who have things on their minds with him, it will be worth t note that the Norwegian plane tickets are sold at prices starting from 70 Euros.

70 Euros is a quite affordable price to see this "Viking".

Of course, it would be beneficial to be realistic. I wish it could be possible to see him by paying the price of the tickets.

However, it is possible to see his counterparts alive in Norway even you may not find him.

The men who saw him are rebelling against their fate.

There are even some who be weary of life.

We hope that his fortune will be as beautiful as him.

We even witnessed women who had nose bleed when they saw him.

It is will be enough no matter how much we will praise this man who manages to steal all the hearts!

It's not enough! We would like to tell you that he manages to steal the women's hearts a little more with his sweet dog however he already stole every inch of our hearts.

The God did his best on him. And finally, to let you check his photos as much as you want here is the Instagram account of this handsome guy http://twaz.org/lasselom/331128010