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Really dirty and dumb Jokes about cougar ladies.
Published July 02, 2014 41k views More Info »

The good old two for one on dat ass boy !

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They cum together for you bro ! So cum on down ! 

He lays the pipe and she buys the beer.

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O ! Nothing beats taking a ride inside a classic cougar };-{O ! ( You KNOW ! ) 

Still making all the dudes rock hard ( Keep drinking guys she will look even better bros )

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Get your rocks off get your rocks off now baby ! 

She has lots and lots of dat cash money homie !

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Yo dog it pay to lay a cougar brah ! FOR SURE YO ! 

She once had sex with a person that tail. True Story

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An O ! How she misses teaching the 8th grade.  ( Man i wished i could of banged my lady teachers back in the day i tell you what. But  maybe now a days i can. CALL ME ! )  #iBeenAbadBoy 

She ain't no kitty home slice

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Like the old saying goes if she is a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets that bitch is a keeper son ! 

Tricks of the trade

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"Do these fake tits and tramp stamp make me look am still in my 20's"  #WhiteTrash  4-LiFE ! 

Drinks + body paint = Making you feel half your age ( Like your 21 again )

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Orgy time ! };-) 

The world needs more Sugar Mommas honey !

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O.K so let me get this straight. You will give me a place to live, make me food,  give me money and i don't have to work ! An all i have too do is do you two at the same every night. Am in all the way babies and cumming in the back doors my ladies ! #FreakOut