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These people are f*cking retarded and a half. (view all on one page.)
Published May 30, 2012 260 views More Info ยป

Sara "Momma Bear" Palin

Sarah palin 5 original

Look b*tch you need to shut your bimbo mouth about politics being that you couldn't make it threw a four year term as agovernor in Alaska, because your a greedy oldKnuckledhead fluze. That is puppet a for the rich. As many ofus feel my ladie its time for you to go away and nevercome back to spot light ever agian you shell of a humanbeing!Hey by the waycan you see Russia up your ass?

Donald "the comb over" Trump

Donald trump original

Fist off Obama is American.The only reason why things can't get done right in the U.S is because of rich a*sholes like you puting a stop to anything and everything that would be of some help to the good old U.S.A. Blow it you dumbass pice of sh*t! 99% of us think it's time for you to shut your damn mouth for good. You don't know sh*t! your life is a joke! So go suck on a bag of dicks you worthless sum b*tch!

Barack "Mr.Hope Solo" Obama

9e73bf7fe609f289efb8126e433e4884 original

I only have one thing to say to this man and that is, CUT THE BS! P.S: I have no hope. Other than that keep up the good work.

Mitt "The Rich Dick" Romeny

Bb457ca0421d4d0444c05fcfb7166369 original

Lets seeyou stil money, you fire people, you don't know what your talking about when it come to real every day people. Because when you try to tell a story to trying an act like your and everyday Joe the turth comes out. An the turth is your the %1 that is a partwrong with this world. Your wife has 3 cars when i can't even afford oneand most people rack up debt just to drive one. An your 5 homes when peoples are living on the street or renting from slum lords your living it up off of other peopleshard work just like most people in goverment and heads of companies. Look dude if you want a better america stop with the greed an show some humanity for once in your da*n life. Humanity over greed people. that is what we need people.


Jakes original

I know you don't give two sh*ts about what i think or have to say about anything ever. Yet i try so damn hard to make it in this world doing this typ of sh*t trying to entertain others. My comedy is going no where just like my music and my videos. I need to just go away and get a full time job and bust my ass every day all day until the day i die because no one is going to hand anything to me just like the rest of you out there.The fact isam stuck at nowhere in life. :-(

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