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Published May 13, 2012

Holy sh*t on a stick that i lick!

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You my sexy beast are giving me a BA BA BA Boner!

Get that atmoic fire frisbee boy get it boy get it.

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An this is why your owner need to stop taking drugs. That damn wanna be hippie.

Could i ask you for a light there my hound dog friend.

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So this is why they call people who get high squirrel-Lee.

I always thought he would end up with a cow myself.

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Not a dang bull. That sick f*ck.

He gets like this every time the Browns win.

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Well i can let it slide if it's only going to happen twice a year.

So this is where Cat-Dog got its start i see.

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Nick Nick Nick nah Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon!

Don't tell Mom the dog is dead.

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Peppy La Pu is looking ruff! "But thats what chasing Pussy well do to you."

WOW it's the Black Knight

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Dang! I haven't seen a black Knight in action since Martin Lawrence.

See you in Hell suckerz!

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Now bow before your master!.