Ten of the most tasteless tattoos ever inked
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Published January 22, 2013

insert coin

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eh, it pays the rent

WTC its raining men

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...and snowing powdered asbestos

2 girls 1 cup

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talk about leaving a bad taste in  your mouth

pooping cupcake

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you better not be flushing that delicious creamy filling!


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because nazis are always a barrel of laughs

big floopy boobs

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guys love boobs so much, sometimes they want their own

bit pull fling

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two tasteless tattoos that are even more tasteless together


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So Dad, how many years of child support do you owe me now.


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the Indians called in "Maizedog".  No, the Indians called it offensive

michael jackson thriller

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The King of Pop is also the King of creepy tasteless tattoos