North Korea’s Ministry of Information would like to take this opportunity to debunk Western media’s Top ‘crazy’ facts about Kim Jong Il.

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December 22, 2011
Published   Birth of Kim Although Kim was born in Siberia while his father Kim Il-sung was living in exile in the former U.S.S.R, the official North Korean account says that the man referred to as "Dear Leader," "our Father" and "the General" was born in a log cabin on North Korea's highest mountain, Mount Paektu, in February 1942. Legend goes that the future leader's birth was marked by a double rainbow and a bright star in the sky. Kim the Decadent Traveler Though he rarely left his isolated country, Kim reportedly had a fear of flying, so would always travel by private armored train when he would go on state visits to Russia and China. He reportedly died on such a train Saturday. Konstantin Pulikovsky reported after spending time with Kim on his train that one could "order any dish of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French cuisine," and that live lobsters were shipped to the train as Kim trekked across Siberia. Meanwhile, an estimated 2 million North Koreans starved to death during the mid-1990s.

8. According to Russian emissary Konstantin Pulikovsky, who travelled with Mr Kim by train across Eastern Europe, Kim had live lobsters air-lifted to the train every day which he ate with silver chopsticks. Where did all his food go? An official biography on the North Korean state website declared Kim Jong Il did not defecate. The biography has since been removed. Read more: Kim the Artist According to Kim's official biography, he composed six operas over two years and also enjoyed staging elaborate musicals. In 2009, the KCNA news agency reported that Kim had directed a staging of "Yevgeny Onegin," Tchaikovsky's opera of Pushkin's classic novel in verse. Kim reportedly said that it was staged to give the North Korean people a "better understanding of the world culture." 3. Wanted to breed giant rabbits German media reported in 2007 that Kim hoped to solve the famine in his country by breeding giant rabbits. An east German farmer who bred rabbits the size of dogs was apparently asked by North Korea to help set up a big bunny farm to alleviate food shortages. To get things going, he sent a batch of 12 giant rabbits to North Korea, but was shocked to hear they were eaten at Kim's birthday banquet that year. The “Fact”: He invented the hamburger Since any American influences have long since been banned in his tiny communist country, Kim Jong Il had no choice but to create some new non-Western food by himself. North Korean newspaper Minju Joson reported that Kim Jong Il invented a new sandwich called “double bread with meat” in an attempt to provide “quality” food to university students. He then built a plant capable of mass hamburger production to feed his students and teachers, despite the fact that the majority of his citizens battle famine on a daily basis. Kim the Golfer An avid golfer, Kim reportedly picked up a golf club in 1994 and shot a 38-under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course -- including no fewer than 11 holes in one. This would have put the increasingly frail Kim head and shoulders above the world's best, if the state media reports about Kim's game were to be believed.

 North Korea out, western biatches!