This is what happens when you f*ck a stanger in the ass! (view all on one page.)
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Published June 11, 2012

Your wife is a slut bag.

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"O i know my pussy is much better and tighter than that skank you call a wife's vajj is by far and i have a tighter b-hole an you know it! Have fun getting HiV you dick licker!"

O it is so worth it! You worthless f in bitch!

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Here you go you dumbass cunt have a little taco bell. "its running out fast."

Thanks babe.

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Sorry my man wrong car bro. "Hey man its ok we have the same kind of wipe, besides am really into this kind of thing."  ;-O

Loving the paint job dude.

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Talk about a piece of shit car.

Like i told you before son! F*CK YOUR CAR!

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For the first time ever once things start to heat up that cars back seat is going to get super wet. No faking this time.

But a man can dream.

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