them there people be fat.
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Published July 26, 2011

Hey can see boobies?

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You sure do look pretty HEHE.

"thats what they call a bear"

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O you know you want to get all up in this behind big guyz

because you can't get them off.

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Lets me see i put them on in 1979 and the last time i was outside was back in 1977. So what is new in the world?


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Man SHE-RA has really let her self go since the 80's. HE-Man is never going to F*CK you now Big Cat.

hey can i have that? hey can i have that?

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hey can i have that? SH*T there antz neverz anything to eatz aroundz here! DANG IT!

I like french fried potatoes. UM hun

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I'll just wait here untell you open. An a beer would be nice.


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Grub, Tan, Laundry

Get me a cheese burger with some meatballs on it sweetceeks.

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thank you, thank you very much. O Yeah Baby!

wrong Phat.

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Hell let your mom cum too.

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