An incomplete collection of incorrect spellings in indelible ink
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Published March 28, 2012

no regets

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...or a dictionary.

Babby Girl

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...did time, I'm guessing.

I'm Awsome

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...just not at spelling


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See, he left the "C" out of the middle, and the "NT" off of the end

Sweet Pee

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maybe she's diabetic.

She Fly's With Her Own Wing's

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I think she's obsessively possesive.

Your Next

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My next?


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What's a guy got to do to get a little resplect?

Belife Makes Things Real

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...just not real smart.

Tomarrow Never Knows

3d8787aeeb92f3be86a3371b052af7cf original to spell

Peurto Rirco

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I hope they didn't charge him for the extra letter.

Only God Will Juge Me

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...but everyone else knows you are an idiot