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Look mom am on the t.v !
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Aksana be bad !

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You know your ring skills suck when you get fired from being a W.W.E. diva.  Should of sucked Vince's dick more ! 

Lisa Fury the PMS queen of mean

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She is all about the heels };-) },-{O AKA she has sex with the heel wrestlers and jobs out to the face girls for living. Because it's a dirty job but someone has to do it boo. 

Dawn Marie

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She likes it hardcore style baby ! 

Well pro wrestling beats doing porn for a living still.

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Right what ever dumbass ring name you are using this weekend. #independentWoman 

No use for a name.

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by the looks of her little left arm she must beat off the men wrestlers with her right hand. it a work out ! 

You know it's hard out here for a pimp when you can't never win match.

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An we wounder way W.C.W. went under a. 

Didn't we see this guy on how to caught predator

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Fun fact: Every pedifile has mustache. 

You know his going to be crying in the car

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Hey at least your making money so maybe one day you can move out of your parents basement. 

Just lose

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Joe knows losing. 

Gillberg ! Gillberg ! Gillberg !

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Longest losing streak ever  baby !

The white holding down a brother like always !

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Better than living in the hood at least. 

Give yourself a Barry Horowitz

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Feed me more ! Feed me more ! feed me more !

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why workout when your just getting over other people for a living right ! 

Get a hair cut and get a real job.

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Truck driving is calling your name bro so get the CDL and get out the road dude. 

Mick Foley as a jobber in the WWF

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The Dude 

they call him ice train because their is a cold chance in Hell that he will win a match.

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What are you a Coors light add 

Get this man a beer !

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Totally sh*t faced. 

You got to pay off your debts somehow you know.

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His a loser inside and out the ring. So he has that going for him at least. 

More Like Jacob no wins

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Hey some needs to lose to make this other guys look good and your just the man for the job big pimpin. 

As the old saying goes pin me pay me.

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Fuller crap !

Bob Hardcore Holly

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Still jobbing in 2014 in N.W.A. 

Jeff Hardy want to be.

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He got the getting high part down at least. 

One half of the Wolfe brothers

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An they made a pack to never win a tag match. 

Not really from LA

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Cry about it

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Because you will never win ! 

O ! O ! O ! O !

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feel the pain because he does every night. 

His in ring skills are like Ryan Reynolds acting skills they suck hard.

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Losing at life one match at a time. 

His a maggot

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But that jerry curl mullet is a winner my man. 

his star faded out a long time ago.

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Hey wait a sec it's Mark Starr a bass player that died from a OD. 

You better not show your face if you want to keep your friends.

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Why do i have a feeling like this guy is on the most wanted list you know. 


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These guy will never get any TNA if you know what am sayin a ! 

Well if you can't say his name you know he can't win.

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Back before beards where cool in wrestling. 

By the looks of this guy his been drinking mickeys beer and smoking jays.

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My kind of loser. An wait is this dude my dad because he looks just like me. My mom isn't telling something. 

His no Karate kids that's for sure.

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keep your shirt on because this isn't going to take long and that's what she said, she said ! 

HGH is a Hell of drug !

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A why lose your balls just to lose for a living you know what am sayin G ! 

"F*CK YOU DAD ! Am on RAW !"

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You see kids if you work hard in life you on day can be a fall guy for living. Keep kissing a*s ! 

Good old Scotty 2 Hotty

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This dude is just too cool to win players. 


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Sloth jr over here mates. 

Put your PJ's and talk a walker to your bedroom because it's lights out for this jobber.

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Being walked on since the day he was born sucka ! 

Pro wrestling is his Road Block

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A talk about a monkey on your back. 

Macho Man's youngest brother

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He once beat Hulk Hogan by count out. True Story. 

Smooth move X slacks !

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Looks like his about to sh*t himself. 

Yeah his destination is becoming a X pro wrestling.

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But at least he will always have his job working that the gym. 

The game H.H.H.

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Lucky for him he couldn't hang in W.C.W. 

His got a magic show after this so make it quick.

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Yes it's magic how can make other guys look so good in ring. 

Two first names 3 ways to lose

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Well at least you got on the t.v. so you might just lucky tonight after all bromosexual. 

You can call him whatever you want as you as pay him.

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Sweet Kentucky mud flap champ. 

You see even a jobber can win.

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but only for one week. 

Maybe this guy should just go out an get his GED because this pro wrestling ain't working out so good.

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Yeah i have a feeling like this guy is in the red. 

White Tigers are going extinct just like his pro wrestling career.

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O honky people these days ! 

The other Half of the Wolfe brothers

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The Wolfe pack is back and we where born too lose.

Well at you have a job !

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An as you all can tell i need a job. An am talking both kinds ! Hiyo ! O i hate my life. 

Sunny Sunny gives the best jobs

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She is in the W.W.E. H.O.F. for give blow jobs like a champ. Just ask the old E.C.W. roster, or the old W.W.E. roster and hell she is still give blow jobs on the independents to this very day mates. "Vicodin is one HELL of drug !"  But i would slam her because am hard !