going america on that ass.
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Published July 17, 2011

Did you the first ever brest implant was done in the U.S.

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In the USA the old and Stupid can run for office.

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So yes turly anyone can run for president.

Where "killers" are acquited.

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Call me Casey!

Where the blockbuster hits are made.

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Over and over and over agian.

Where a Katie Parry song is played ever 5 seconds.

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Where X governator started two family's.

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where the only things being made here is sh*t like this.

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but the tape was made in China.

where you can have a t.v show because you have a sh*t load of kids.

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Sidenote: old Octomom doesn't look bad for having all them kids right!

There are all kinds of places to work on the tan.

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where is is the norm.

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where you have the right to bear arms.

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& the right to be stuck in the 80's.

Where it is a ok to be gay.

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Only in america.