Bin Laden is finally dead! Now giggle at these images in celebration of someone's death. Do it. Your parents will get Cancer otherwise. Do you want them to get Cancer? Ass Cancer? Cancer of the AIDS? No? Then read on...
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Published May 02, 2011


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Via So, Osama Bin Laden is finally dead, reportedly from a severe case of sandy vagina. Huzzah! Someone finally broke Anne Frank's hide and seek record! The Royal Family got a wedding, Obama got a funeral. Kind of coincidental that it happened the same week the colour coded threat level system was abolished and 500 Taliban fighters escaped from prison, but a victory is a victory. No harem of virgins for our Chewbacca faced friend. The reason Obama took so long to release his birth certificate is because he was busy hunting Bin Laden down, armed with a Bowie knife and a Rambo bandanna, otherwise known as a Rambandanna. May 1st seems to be the international day of douchebag death (Hitler also cashed in his chips on May 1st) So to celebrate this momentous day, here's a visual muffinload of dogwank featuring images of Bin Laden. Maybe now we can get around to calling Freedom Fries French Fries once more. Or at least Shoestring Chips. I'd be content with that. Insert prerequisite AMERICA! FUCK YEAH! here. Follow Sean on TWITTER.
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