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Along with the infamous Corgi, Pugs slideshows are fan favorites and will delight anyone who takes the time to click on them. But how do you know you're, in fact, looking at a Pug slideshow? Let's take a look.
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1. The Inclusion of the Pug Du Jour to Kick Things Off

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Most lists will use the latest pug pic that's making the rounds as an excuse to get some of that sweet SEO action. This one's from Reddit and if you Google "pug on a slide," you will undoubtedly find it.

2. That is Followed By an Equally Wacky, But More Evergreen Picture

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3. By the Third Entry, You Will Likely Notice a Theme

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Since there are so many pugs to make the rounds, the internet wisely groups them into specific categories. "Sad pugs," "Happy Pugs, "Pugs That Look Like Batman": these are all lists you're likely to stumble on, and all serve to prolong the life of pugs on the internet.Just ask the meta-pug above.

4. You Will Come Across "Filler Pugs"

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Filler text filler text filler text.

5. Another "Filler Pug" Will Come About, But You Will Continue to Click Through

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pugs pugs pugs pugs.

6. Because A Curve Ball Will Be Thrown

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You will wonder if you clicked on the slideshow called "Celebrity Pugs." You didn't. Quaid's chubby friend was only sprinkled in to keep you on your toes.

7. A Couple of Movie References Will Be Tossed In

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This way, you will feel better about yourself, as you are convinced this is a high-brow affair that stimulates the mind as it blurs the line between art and pugs.

8. The List Will End, Leaving You With the Feeling That You and Pugs Are Not So Different

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That may as well be you.


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