I captured the bitter essence of the man behind the screen in my candid sessions with the aging Tom Hanks. Pulitzer, here I come!

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January 02, 2012
This is Tom Hanks applying speedstick casually.
This is Tom Hanks using the force to push a kid into traffic.
This is Tom Hanks noticing an unattended child.
This is Tom Hanks twin brother Hom Tanks. It is unclear which brother is evil... EDIT: Perhaps it's both. Perhaps both is happening at the same time
This is Tom Hanks doing acting in the bathroom mirror at Robert DeNiro's house.
This is Tom Hanks burning a bird's nest with the babies asleep inside.
This is Tom Hanks stealing Nazi gold with the Jews.
This is Tom Hanks sniffing magic markers and then coloring over an autographed baseball he snatched from a kid with leukemia.
This is Tom Hanks after hearing about Katrina.
This is Tom Hanks recording orgasm sounds in his home studio. He can't climax unless three male strangers watch in a perfect triangle around him.
This is Tom Hanks after being asked how many Popsicles he wants right now. Fun fact: same answer to how many times he's gotten away with murder  
This is John Candy attempting to talk Tom Hanks out of doing Big 'cause the title is offensive to those shaped like John Candy. What the fuck is up with God making a fat kid with a last name of Candy? "Yeah your name will be John Candy. And you'll love candy and a make a lot of people laugh with your obesity. Oh, and then you'll die in your early forties from a heart attack."
This is Tom Hanks showing off his latest purchase. Certified Fresh.
This is Tom Hanks interrogating his grandmother on how to open the fucking cookie jar.
This is Tom Hanks hearing from his agent how I have all of his secrets posted online.
This is Nick Nolte after being mistaken for Tom Hanks.
This is the picture Tom Hanks was orgasming to earlier.
This is Tom Hanks accusing me of slander when this is clearly libel. Also, that's his nose picking finger.
This is Tom Hanks showing off his manicure to me.
This is Tom Hanks showing up to a movie premiere uninvited. He refused to dismount the (stolen) scooter and revved the engine in the theater when the scenes would bore him. Tom Hanks is only entertained by girl-on-girl sex scenes. The movie was Brokeback Mountain.
This is Tom Hanks crashing a wedding just to win the bouquet.