wanker city madness
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Published July 29, 2011

nutin like nuting at work.

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i just love that 2 girls one cup video.

O :) it feels so good!

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Suck it Bitchiezzz!

no one is lookin.

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So am going to play with myself.  "i wasn't doing anying."

let me check you for prostate cancer

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 O No! i feel a lump or are you just geting a little cubby going for me you little wild man you.

old Pipa here is so hot she can turn her self on.

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it's seem like the things in the U.K are about to real freaky! ;-O

see what am doing to this bottle, i can do that to your junk my man ;-)

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so you got 5$ because Hillary doesn't let me have drinking money any more since i got that Bj and all. So hook a player up pimp!


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Not even these will keep him from winning in 2012. "Hey it worked in blazing saddles so why not the U.S.A for 4 more years!"

o yeah o yeah work it girl work it.

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Good thing your man is mormon.  OOOOO! am CUMING down the aisle! (that sucks for who ever rents that dress next.)

Now if only my balls would hit off dat ass.

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"to bad i have no money and look like i do. besides that fact i live with my parents." (but mybe just mybe if she gets drunk enuff she will take me back to her place.)

O SH*T i can't look away.

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To Phat of an Ass. Must go shake hands with Ben Franklin now.

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