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Yes in all walks of life failing can and will happen. "Even when trying to tell jokes". (View all on one page to see the full jokes.)
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Published April 21, 2012


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I Said it's alright because TNT will keep trying to put me in shows.

I would so let Zach Morris pop my old dusty cherry anytime he wants.

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Captain Oxymoron

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So this is what Flash looks like in slow mo a? ("But he does bust in a flash ladies.")


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Get Totally Loaded ("Kind of funny that the one guy who sould have no faith in anything at all! Has total faith in the Jay man.")

How can you have a hangover when your stil drunk.

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Well it looks like it is about that time from Miss. Pippa here to hit the old sex dungeon agian.

is that Cherry Pie my lady?

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Or are you just on your period?

Don't let to door hit where the good lord spilt yah on the way out champ.

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Way it's about time i meet both your boyfriends!

O! life at 30 in my parents basement.

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Some one kill me for the love of God!

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